Piotr Lisek is a pole-vaulter representing Poland in Olympics. He’s the Indoor European champion. His wins include gold (Belgrade, 2017), silver (London, 2017) and bronze (Doha, 2019) medals in the World Championships, and he’s the current pole-vault record holder in Poland. People say he’s stubborn, fierce, and does not give up easily. We can definitely add that he’s very modest and passionate.


Robert Karas is the World Record Holder in Ultra Triathlon. He decided to join our team because our products allow him to get through all the strenuous trainings and races. When asked what’s his biggest dream, he said that he does not believe in dreams. He rather sets goals and goes after them.


Paweł Fajdek is one of the most successful Polish athletes and a very talented hammer thrower. In fact, he’s a four-time World Champion. During his career he also accommodated two Silver Medals and one Gold Medal at European Championships. On top of that, he also won four Gold Medals during the Summer Universiade. He is a real icon and an absolute dominator in his discipline! Paweł joined Olimp when he realized how important proper diet and supplementation are.


Ewa Swoboda is the fastest female sprinter in Europe. She’s very competitive and just loves the feel of the endorphin kick after each race. She admits that competing is her true passion and so to get ready for the race day she puts herself through strenuous trainings day in and day out. When the big day finally arrives, she’s so ready that there’s nothing that can stand in her way and all she can see is the finish line.


Bartosz is one of the best Polish volleyball players. He’s a member of Poland men’s national volleyball team and Russian club Zenit Kazan. He was named the Best Outside Spiker of 2019 and the Most Valuable Player at the Polish SuperCup back in 2018. He is young, ambitious, wildly talented and hungry for success.