4 reasons why your diet may not work


Are you diligent with your nutritional plan, but don’t you see the results? There are probably some reasons why your diet may not work, and you waste your energy and time without needing to do so. What could be the reason? Here are 4 factors that can contribute to the problem.

4 reasons why your diet may not work: poor hydration

Water is not only a way to quench your thirst that intensifies with every minute of training. There are many valuable minerals found in water which are lost with sweat during exercise. Their deficiency may be one of the 4 reasons why your diet may not work. Low levels of magnesium, iodine, sodium or calcium will certainly not have a beneficial effect on your body during increased physical activity. What is more, water supports the detoxification of the body from unnecessary metabolic products and facilitates the control of the correct bodyweight.

4 reasons why your diet may not work: short sleep

Too short and disrupted sleep may be one of the reasons why your diet may not work. During sleep, the body is able to fully regenerate the nervous and muscular systems, which have been overtired and overloaded during an intensive day (e.g. at work or during training). If there is no chance to provide the organism with optimal and peaceful sleep after an exhausting psychophysical effort, it is difficult to expect effects in the context of modelling a dream body shape or working on the reduction of excessive body weight.

4 reasons why your diet may not work: not enough protein

If the purpose of your diet is to maintain or increase your existing muscle mass, one of the reasons why your diet may not work can certainly be the insufficient intake of complete protein. Protein is the foundation for the muscles and the amino acids it contains have an effect on, among other things, regeneration processes and protection against unwanted breakdown reactions. The source of protein in the daily diet may be animal (meat, fish, offal, dairy products, eggs) and plant products (legumes, nuts, grains, seeds). High-protein supplements such as the Whey Protein Complex 100% of the Olimp Sport Nutrition brand will prove to be good support for the daily diet. It allows to deliver an optimal amount of high-quality whey protein in every portion with an intermittent absorption time and in many amazing flavours.

4 reasons why your diet may not work: poor health of intestinal microbiota

The natural bacterial flora of the intestines is one of the necessary elements of the digestive tract, which performs a number of important functions. It is thanks to the intestinal microbiota that the organism is able to assimilate the necessary active ingredients from food in an optimal way, synthesize certain vitamins, and most of all, ensure adequate immunity. If you eat healthily and yet do not see positive effects, it is very likely that the current state of your intestinal microbiota is the reason why your diet may not work properly. For this purpose, it is worth trying out dietary supplements that are called synbiotics, such as the Colonbiotic 7GG Sport Edition by Olimp Sport Nutrition. Each serving provides the necessary highly concentrated bacteria (7 billion CFU) with the necessary fructooligosaccharide (FOS) medium.