3 snacks that are better avoided before bedtime


The myth of not eating after 6 p.m. has long since been disproved. The last meal should be eaten about two hours before bedtime. What should you not eat then? Here are examples of 3 snacks that are better avoided before bedtime.

3 snacks that are better avoided before bedtime: sweets and desserts

Sweets and all kinds of desserts are snacks which are better avoided before bedtime. A lot of simple sugars, hydrogenated fat and many other high-calorie ingredients are not a good solution before bedtime. An abundant supply of carbohydrates helps to keep the pH value low and increase the chances of acidification. In addition, if you overeat sweets before bedtime, you can be sure that they will be deposited in the form of adipose tissue, which you wouldn’t want, would you?

3 snacks that are better avoided before bedtime: heavy-digestible products

Another group of products that are better avoided before bedtime are all kinds of food products that are difficult to digest. Legumes, mushrooms and fatty dairy products are certainly not a light option for dinner. The more difficult a product is to digest, the greater the involvement of the gastrointestinal tract is required – so it is easy to guess that the body will have clear problems falling asleep. If you already decide to have snacks before bedtime, let’s make sure they have plenty of satiating fibre – various salads or vegetable-based shakes will work perfectly.

3 snacks that are better avoided before bedtime: products rich in tyramine

Tyramine is a chemical compound with properties that increase adrenaline secretion. Eating products rich in this substance before bedtime can therefore not only cause sleep problems, but also promote, among other things, an increase in blood pressure or psychomotor agitation. Snacks rich in tyramine, which it is better to avoid before going to sleep, are various types of cheese, chocolate, avocado, overripe bananas, figs, broad beans or certain types of wine (e.g. the popular Vermouth).

3 snacks that are better avoided before bedtime: Choose casein!

A good solution for dinner will be to prepare a high-protein meal, which will allow the contained nutrients to be slowly absorbed. For this purpose, a protein supplement based on micellar casein – a form of milk protein which, unlike the popular whey, is digested in the gastrointestinal tract for a longer time – will be a great solution. This ensures optimal release time of amino acids and other valuable ingredients, which at the same time allows to reduce hunger. Not to mention the fact that proteins favour the increase and maintenance of muscle mass.

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