How to fight the cold?


It has been known for a long time that proper nutrition allows for the maintenance of optimal health and proper functioning of immunity. The end of summer holidays and the beginning of autumn heralds the coming of the cold season, which is often associated with an increased risk of catching a cold. How should it be combated? What should be done to protect the body from the adverse effects of pathogenic microorganisms?

How to fight the cold? Vitamins and minerals

A balanced diet is not enough. Although providing the body with the optimal amount of essential macronutrients allows it to maintain the necessary level of energy for daily functioning, vitamins and minerals play a much greater role in the fight against the cold. Most of them have a valuable effect on the correct functioning of the immune system, support the protection of cells against oxidative stress, help neutralize the adverse effects of free oxygen radicals and show antioxidant properties.

In the context of minerals, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium and iron are certainly important. As far as vitamins are concerned, practically all of them have a valuable effect on immunity – with particular emphasis on vitamins C, D, E, K 2 and some of the B group’s constituents (especially B 6 , B 12 and folic acid).

In addition to the popular macro and micronutrients, it is also worthwhile to support your daily diet with a number of other ingredients that will help you fight the cold. In this context, it is worth mentioning various plant extracts which are a source of many valuable active ingredients with a positive effect on the body, e.g. showing anti-inflammatory properties, supporting the elimination of free oxygen radicals or influencing the correct metabolism of nutritional markers.

How to fight the cold: Immuno Xplode Powder!

The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand has prepared a multi-ingredient product called Immuno Xplode Powder, which has been developed for people who want to support the proper functioning of the immune system and promote the antioxidant potential of the body. The product is based on high quality and microbiologically tested ingredients, which were selected in appropriate proportions and obtained from valuable raw materials.

The formula of the Immuno Xplode Powder supplement is a unique combination of easily assimilable forms of zinc, vitamins C and D, amino acids (L-cysteine and L-glutamine) together with plant extracts (elderberry and Japanese Pagoda tree, which is a source of valuable quercetin). The product is available in a powder form, which after dissolving in water allows to prepare a refreshing drink with the taste of a citrus lemonade.