Does the length of training matter in terms of its effectiveness?


Opinions are still divided. There are almost as many supporters of short and dynamic exercises as fans of a few hour sessions and long workouts in the gym. Which approach is more valuable for achieving the desired results? Does the length of training matter in terms of the results achieved?

Does the length of training matter? HIIT training proves that it doesn’t!

Although many people may perceive gym workouts as a tedious and long work, in reality everything depends on the approach. The HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) method is based on intensive exercises that are interspersed with a “break” in the form of moderate intensity work. Thanks to this, the muscles are practically unable to reach full rest, the metabolism is still at high levels and the body draws energy from the accumulated fat reserves.

Therefore, does the length of training matter? No! Training plans based on the HIIT system do not involve longer activities than those of 25 minutes! (including the “breaks”). In less than half an hour, there is a chance to exercise your whole body, improve your fitness and endurance, burn off excess body fat and lose weight.

Has excessive length of training a negative impact?

It has been known for some time that the better is the enemy of the good. Long rest breaks between successive exercises or sets are, of course, necessary in the event of, for example, a heavy load or a training plan. However, if they are unjustified, they can certainly have a negative impact on the quality of the results achieved. Why?

Excessive length of training will result in prolongation of time to supply the body with essential nutrients (such as proteins, carbohydrates or vitamins), which were used to perform the planned workout. Therefore, there is a considerable risk that catabolic reactions will start to become dominant in the body, which will result in, for example, loss of muscle mass, an increase in cortisol levels or an increase in lactic acid reserves and the persistence of DOMS.

Does the supplementation matter for the length of the training?

If you feel that the length of training increases due to lack of proper motivation or insufficient strength, you can think about reaching for a pre-workout. Its ingredients are important in the context of providing the right conditions for the body and affect its adaptation to increasing levels of psychophysical fatigue. The Olimp Sport Nutrition brand has several multi-ingredient products on offer to use before training, which have been prepared with precision by scientists from the Olimp Laboratories pharmaceutical company using high quality tested materials.

Redweiler pre-workout supplement is a product containing in its formula, among others, AAKG, creatine (monohydrate and tri-creatine), beta-alanine, vitamins, minerals, highly standardized extracts and caffeine, which have been composed in the optimal proportions for the athletes at every level! The supplement is recommended for enthusiasts of physical exercise, especially strength, endurance or bodybuilding training.